GUITARS : Masahiro LEE

part 1 : story

Keizo had been thinking to form his band to expose his piece of works when he met Sato-ken who was strong incentive for Keizo. Right after his announcement of foundation of the band in 1992, I - Tamami, Tachibana and a drummer and a keyboardist were called for the band. I used to@sing in a jazz-fusion-pop band, Tachibana was the co-player of Keizo in their support band of well-known singer in Japan. Wappa Gappa soon started to do live performances in Tokyo area and it follows the aim to release their CD album. Meanwhile making demo tapes, Mineo and Hideaki were welcomed to the band in 1993, as the 3rd drummer and 2nd keyboardist. In 1996, our effort turned out to be the first album"Yamatai". The reputation of this album spread to all over the world. As a producer and a spokeman, Sato-ken worked well for the band to be recognized by many music fans in the world. Tachibana left us one year after the release of 2nd album "A Myth" .But it didn't take much time to find a new guitarist. Takemori would join the band and started to rehearse with us in late 1998 .
2001spring , Takemori left the band and our original guitarist Tachibana came back to us.

We do not care, or we would not like to be categorized to one place. We want to be just the way we are and the music we make is it, music of Wappa Gappa. So sometimes, it has the influence of jazz, sometimes touch of pops, sometimes very prog. Anyway we do not control or pretend to be very progressive rock band nor mixed genre rock band on purpose. Wappa Gappa want to create Wappa Gappa's original and own music. But as a matter of fact, we are japanese musicians who were raised in very much westernized musical environment. Our creation has naturally mixture of western and japanese thing and will not exaggerate orientalism without any needs. As a lyrics writer, I always try to preserve and use old and beautiful japanese words which are now disappearing.

"Wappa"means hand cuffs in japanese plicemen's slang.@ "Gappa" in chinese character can be read with a meaning of "I break it". There is a hidden hope behind our name which says " Be free, be yourself"

part 2 : time line

Feb. Sato-ken, Keizo(bs) , Tamami(vo) and Yasuhiro(gr) formed WAPPAGAPPA
Jul. First live show at"STAGE 5" SHIBUYA
Sep. Live show at "KAWASAKI CLUB CHITTA"
Dec. Live show at "ROPPONGI PITINN"

several change of members, eventually Hideaki(key) and Hiroshi(drms) joined the band

Some Live shows in Tokyo area

Jan. started studio works for CD
Jul.11. Release of debut CD Album "YAMATAI"
Live show at "ROPPONGI PITINN"

"YAMATAI" got No.1 on the chart at TOKYO "GINZA YAMANO cd STORE for 3 weeks

Jan. started recording for second album

Jul. The album entitled "A Myth"french lable[MUSEA] was released worldwidely
*Yasuhiro(gr) left the band

Oct. Join of the new guitarist Hisaaki Takemori

Feb. Live show at" CROCODILE" SHIBUYA Mar. Tour to Europe
Utrecht(Tivoli) - the Netherland,
Verviers(Sprit66) - Belgique
Marseille(Jasrod) - France)

Jul.mid,west Japan tour
Nagoya(Electric lady land) ,
Kyoto(Taku Taku)
Kobe(Chicken George)
Nov. Live show at "CROCODILE" SHIBUYA


Feb. Live show at "CROCODILE" SHIBUYA

Apr. Takemori left the band.
May. our original guitarist Tachibana returns.

Mar. Tachibana left the band.
Apr. Join of Masahiro Lee the guitarist.
Sep. Live show at "CROCODILE"SHIBUYA


part 3 : our favorite bands and albums

favorite band in 70's:
Jeff Beck , Led Zeppelin , Deep Purple , Chicago , Eric Clapton , Santana ,
Tower Of Power , Steely Dan ,Miles Davis , Pink Floyd , King Crimson, E.L.P , Queen , Free , The Police , WeatherReport, Tempest , Focus , Journey , Keith Jarret,Herbie Hancock , Chick Corea , Jack Bruce etc.etc

favorite albums in 70's:
Pink Floyd"Dark Side Of The Moon","Wish You Were Here"
E.L.P. "Pictures At An Exhibition"
Mahavishunu Orchestra"Bird Of Fire"
Jeff Beck"B.B.A. Live", "Blow By Blow" ,"wired"," Ruough and Ready"
Led Zeppelin"Physical Graffiti"
Chicago"Chicago At Carnegie Hall" ,"Chicago Five"
Steely Dan"The Royal Scam","Aja"
Tower Of Power" Tower Of Power ","Back To Oakland",""
Weather Report"Black Market" "Heavy Weather"
Jaco Pastorius" Jaco Pastorius " etc etc
Frank Zappa "Zappa in New York "
Carol King "Tapestry "
Cream" Live Cream vol.2 "

part 4 :
individual music back ground and gears

keizo endo (bass)

Hobbies: playing computer games

Because my elder brother started playing guitar, I was naturaly influenced by him and interested in music when I was 10years old, It was guitar that I began to play. I just wanted to do it to join my brother's band. It was in my senior hish school age, that I changed my instrument to the bass. As the rock band ,I won the grand prix at the ward- district music festival about 25 years ago and that was the begining of my career as a professional bass guitarist.

tamami yamamoto (vocals)

hobbiesobbies: Antique plates collection, Room interior decoration

I was three years old I guess, when I started my piano lessons. My mother used tell me she had a hunch that I would be involved with music.The reason why is because I started to weep while playing sad mood of tune that I made on piano at age of 4or 5. But few years later, I became disgusted with the piano lessons because those classic practice pieces are too tireing and honestly speaking, I was not deligent to practicing. Instead, I began to play and sing or play with my friends popular songs like "Carpenters". The "Close to you"was my first song that I played and sang. (by the way, my first record whicht I bought by myself was "Can the can"Suzy Quatro) At junior high school, our subject of chatting was music, especially,the Beatles, Sweet, LedZeppelin, PinkFloyd, Uriah Heep,Status Quo, and so on ( What a confused line up !! ,I know....) During my life in Germany,( I lived there for 3 years with my family because of my father's business) I was shocked to listen to the voices of Divas on Opera stages. After I came back to Tokyo, I satrted to take vocal lessons, my goal was to sing Aria of Opera. But to earn money for lesson fee, I happened to start singing jazz, pops at a restraunt or lounge, jazz club,etc. ..Eventually another music world was extended in front of me. I began to write songs at that time. One day , friend of mine called me in to the amateur pops-jazz-rock band. Sato-ken and Keizo was there to help them technically, That is how we met.

hideaki nagaike (keyboards)

Hobbies: watching SF movie

My awakening to music??
I took a piano lesson when I was a kid in kindergarden as our family's neighbor was a music teacher. I used to listen to the radio and the songs of Michael Pornareff ,Elton John ,Christie ,Bejorn and Benny and the Beatles were on air , I was at 4th grade in junior high school. Among them, especially, Michael Pornareff was my idol. I would copied him and played the piano in the music class room.When I became a high school student, I and my friends formed a band . Of course my part was piano and organ.

hiroshi mineo (drums)

Hobbies: watching soccer game and playing.( actually belong to a distrcit footsal team )

Since 1966, the "rock band"boom has come to Japan by the influences of britsh rock bands such as the Beatles, Rolling stones, The Who and so on . I, who was just 8 or 9 years old at that time, was not exeption of those who were enslaved to it. I wanted to get an electric guitar and went to music instruments store with a little bit of money in my hand. The young sales personnel told me "Big sound will not come out only with a guitar" I made up my mind to be a drummer as soon as I hear that word. I bought a pair of drum siticks and went back home. From that day on , I hit on around everything in my house, flying pan, pans, furnitures, books etc. etc as the substitute to a drumset. My parents had no option but to purchase a drumset as a birthday present for me. They must have been too tired and fed up with fixing damaged the stuffs and the costs. I was 10 years old. I really appreciate them still now. I confess that I used to take the violin lessons for a while when I was in my elementary school. When I became a junior high student, I got an accoustic guiatr, but still, beating drums were much more interesting for me. Now I have 3 electric guitars and a folk guitar, though I have no technics and courage to play them in front of audience. I learned playing drums all by myself. I have no experience to be taught . In my case, most of my sounds, phrases, styles were inspired by the instruments other than drums and also, natural sound other than the music .
The Musician (drummer) who I respect: Billy Cobham, if I have to name just one.

Equipment Setup

TAMA ARTSTAR -‡U (all maple except rose wood snare)
2 bass drums/ 2 snares/ 4 tomtoms/ 2 floor toms/ 1 gong bass drum/ 4 octobans
2 pair of hi-hats/ 2 china cymbals/ 3 craxh cymbals/ 1 splash cymbals/1 rid cymbal A-Zildjian
( I hope to get the whole rose wood sets in the near future.)

masahiro lee(guitars)

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